Thomas Park - Self PortraitI am a fashion / fine art photographer based in Seattle, Washington.  My work has appeared in galleries, juried exhibits and collections nationwide, including Seattle Artopia and the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute.


My work has been referred to as “fashion-influenced fine art”.  I enjoy creating images that explore the texture and geometry of well-cut clothing and the human figure.


My exploration of photography began in Paris in the early 90’s.  My background is in black-and-white film photography.  I decided that since I was moving to such a picturesque city, I should own a halfway decent camera.  I bought a crappy 35mm film camera with an equally rubbish lens.  I’d wander around town taking photos of things that I found interesting.  More often than not, these were people – hanging out, playing music, waiting for the subway, sitting on park benches.


It was an interesting way to get to know my city – interacting with people and photographing their unique styles.  I am greatly indebted to the Parson’s School of Design in Paris for letting me use their darkroom back in those days.


I later moved to Boston, Massachusetts and formally studied photography at the New England School of Photography.  There, I shifted focus from street photography to fashion and beauty photography in the studio.


Currently, I live and work in Seattle, where I teach workshops on technical and creative concepts in photography and studio lighting.  For notification of my upcoming workshops, follow me on Facebook!