My latest photograph to appear in a juried art show is, interestingly, a photograph I shot over 10 years ago.

I shot this image by Tokyo’s famously busy Shibuya Station, using a mechanical 1950’s era Mamiya C330 twin-lens camera.  The rich blue hues are the result of using a Fuji Velvia slide film that was cross-processed and treated as if it were color negative film.

To me, this image is all about contrasts.  The contrast of the girl, very still, sanding on the heels of her loafers surrounded by the Brownian motion of the people around her.   The contrast of people packed close together in society and yet so far from connecting with one another.  The contrast of things in-focus and out-of-focus.  The composition of this image is framed to evoke the downcast gaze of an aloof but attracted stranger.