MU – 無

Around this time of year, many of my friends start prep for a trip down to the Nevada desert for Burning Man.  Here are a few images from an art project I did back in 2009 as a collaboration with calligrapher Eri Takase.

These are ~13 foot (4 metre) tall banners brushed with poetry and ideas, many relating to tea ceremony and the impermanence of things.  The calligraphy was first hand-brushed by Eri at 6 inches x 2.5 feet; I then scanned the originals and printed them at a four-fold enlargement on canvas.

The scale and creativity of projects that people bring to Burning Man is nothing short of humbling.  MU was a relatively modest project in both size and design challenges, but can be hard to make even this type of project work.  The high winds scouring the desert threatened to rip the banners apart; the project would not have gone up at all if I hadn’t been able to borrow some scaffolding pipes for the uprights from my friends who put up the Grooviks Cube.

Many MANY thanks to the people who helped to make this installation possible!

More images from the set can be found here: