Nik Software

Just a quick post – Nik Software, creators of some photo editing software I use quite a bit, has drastically lowered their prices on the Nik complete collection.  Many of my images get some love from Color Efx Pro (color and tone manipulation) and Dfine 2 (noise-reduction).

The complete suite used to run close to $1000 USD.  It’s now available for $149 USD, (VAT included for EU residents).

Per a friend, you can also get 15% off this price by using the coupon code STUCKINCUSTOMS.

I normally don’t trumpet products or deals from individual companies, but I thought this was too cool not to share.  Frankly, I was a little worried for the future of Nik’s software after the company was acquired by Google, since their core missions are not terribly well aligned, but this move suggests that Google is interested in expanding Nik’s customer base and continuing to make best-of-breed software.  Happy Spring!