Here’s a tear with a fun story behind it.  This is an image that I shot for my wife Alison’s business, Velvet Mechanism.  The image is one of a fairly small number of full-page shots included in the book “1000 Steampunk Creations“.

steampunk creations


Here’s the great part of the story: Alison’s hair was done by Nate Tsunami, a stylist I met while shooting a hair show for my friend Michael Hall.

Alison and I rarely watch television (as in, less frequently than I clean the gutters on my house), but we happened to randomly tune in while we were traveling in Edinburgh, Scotland last year.  We happened to come across a show called “Hair Battle Spectacular”, and who did we see as one of the contestants?  You guessed it!

  • Photography: Thomas Park
  • Model: Alison Park-Douglas
  • Hair: Nate Tsunami
  • Jewelry: Velvet Mechanism