through a glass darkly

Here are some images from a recent collaboration with fashion stylist Jenn Burland. The idea for the concept was sparked by some images I’d shot a few years ago using a set I’d built in the back of my studio using a number of hanging Moroccan lanterns – although in the end, we didn’t use the lanterns extensively for this shoot. The concept that did evolve was on the darker, almost gothic side.

Here, I had a similar challenge to that faced by photographers shooting weddings – how to photograph a dark-haired model wearing dark wardrobe on a dark background, without losing all detail and definition. There are a few useful tricks that can be employed in situations like this, such as adding a small amount of light to the background behind the model or using a background with different reflective properties.

This is the first shoot I’ve done with a Nikon in several years; I’ve used a D700 in the past and am now putting the D800 through its paces.

While the camera system has a lot of potential, it seems that Nikon currently has some quality control issues to work out. The body doesn’t quite achieve its listed maximum sync speed of 1/250th second, and the Nikkor 24-70mm lens I’m using requires a great deal of care to prevent chromatic aberration and softness.

I’ll be doing some comparisons with another Nikon body and a few other lenses in the near future; leave me a comment on Facebook if you’re interested in the results and perhaps I’ll write up a separate post with my findings!


 Photography: Thomas Park

Fashion styling: Jenn Burland (

Hair and makeup: Phoebe Goodwin

Model: Ari DiMatteo (Seattle Models Guild –