The Fall

This year, we had a fairly bizarre summer in the pacific northwest.  It was unusually dry, long and warm – and then we slid rather abruptly from Summer into Autumn at some point in mid- to late- October.  One day it’s hot and sunny; the next, the seat heaters are on.

This is a concept that I shot at the very end of the warm spell for a friend and designer, Chrissy Wai-Ching.  The look mirrors the odd season – I had it in my head to shoot a warm, rich Fall scene, but everything still has a definite air of Summer about it; it would almost look like a Spring shoot if it weren’t for the straw-gold colors and the cheery little apple tree that was mysteriously still bearing fruit.

These are the types of looks that I often enjoy shooting strongly backlit, with everything suffused in a warm haze.  To me, that kind of golden backlight feels like the glow that old, fond memories take on.  In my mind, nostalgia is low-contrast and suffused with late afternoon light.


Photography: Thomas Park

Model: Lyssa Chartrand

Wardrobe by Wai-Ching