DPReview: The One-Light Studio

I’m pleased to say that another of my articles has been published on DPReview.com!

I enjoy teaching photographers that creating interesting lighting doesn’t always require a truck full of gear.  There are a tremendous number of looks that can be achieved using a fairly minimalistic setup.  In this article, I walk through a variety of looks that one can create using a single light source, simply by altering the relationship between the light and the subject.

Understanding light is critical to success in studio photography.  Photography, at its etymological roots, means “drawing with light”.

While I won’t recap the entire article here, the looks go from relatively flat front-lighting to classic portrait (three-quarters) lighting, to dramatic side-lighting.  I also show a couple of more polished, dramatic looks that can be created using single-light setups as well.



My thanks to:

  • Models Melissa Ann and Jess Arden
  • Calvy Tran and Jessee Skittrall for makeup and hair
  • And of course, the staff at DPReview!