Color story: rose gold

Moving to Europe for the first part of 2012 has caused me to drastically neglect this blog!  I’ll be posting some shoots from the past winter / spring collection over the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

Shauntia in rose

This shoot was with a team that I was ridiculously excited to work with; Brandee is an incredibly talented makeup artist and fashion stylist whom I haven’t worked with in a few years.  Alicia had just gotten a bit of free time from filming for ANTM and Shauntia had briefly come up to Washington state to shoot.

I enjoy contrast, thematically as well as visually. The models here are wearing slightly retro-styled clothing, but are shot in a modern style.

As the two models had very distinct and complementary coloration, we decided to shoot the concept as a subtle color story – complementing Shauntia’s hair and eyes with rose gold and rose quartz, and likewise pairing Alicia’s hair and skintone with flax-colored cashmere and polished stone + enamel jewelry.

I kept the colors warm, with a bit of directional light to accentuate the figure.


Models: Shauntia, Alicia Creek

Hair / Makeup / Fashion Styling: Brandee Slosar (

Photography: Thomas Park