Earlier this summer, photography site DPReview.com invited me to write articles as a pro contributor for the site.  I’m excited and very pleased to announce that the first article has just gone live today!

This article walks through the setup for the look above, step by step.

You might be surprised to learn how little gear went into producing the look.  One thing that often bothered me about lighting looks that were broken down in photo magazines was just how much gear was required for the shoot – multiple 2,400 watt-second packs, enormously expensive parabolic frenel softboxes, trucks and trucks full of grip equipment.

I wanted to write an article that would be approachable by just about any photographer.  The above is lit by nothing more than two Metz handle flashes.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the article!  You can comment on it if you’ve an account on dpreview.com.