Workshops @ SEAF

This year, I was honoured to be invited to teach two photographic workshops in conjunction with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, where I have been a jury-selected artist over several of the last few years (2006, twice, 2009, 2010, 2011).


I presented two workshop sessions:

EXPLORE, a photographic workshop aimed towards teaching students core concepts in composition and photography (camera modes, exposure compensation, white balance, creative uses of focal lengths). And PLAY, a studio lighting workshop.


Some people are surprised by how applicable lighting concepts are from one context to another.  If you know how to light a good portrait, you can light a good figure shot.  One of the main things to be aware of when working with figure models is the effect of the lighting (direction and contrast) and on the model’s skin.

Both images here demonstrate the possibilities of cropping and posing to create interesting geometry and deliberate negative space.

My humble gratitude goes out to the Festival for inviting me to teach as part of the festival programme, and to the workshop students who attended.

Models: Karren S.