Color and Texture

I sometimes get a bit OCD about certain ideas or concepts.  These images are in some way the endcap of my flirtation with macro.

I shot these images with a Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens, perhaps the sharpest SLR lens I currently own.  The resolving power and sharpness of this lens are incredible.

I kept having a bit of a battle with my makeup artists during this time period – they kept wanting to use false eyelashes, which I kept insisting would look very obviously false in the final image.  The model here is just wearing mascara.  Images that are shot this close and with such high resolving power have very little room for forgiveness.


In both of these images, I tried to pay very close attention to the geometry formed by the lines of the face.


Model: Seline Chauntel

Makeup: Calvy Tran