Town & Country


I’ve always loved equestrian clothing and dressage gear.  So understandably, I was very excited to shoot with a new client, Noble Horse Gallery and Saddlery.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected parts of the shoot was finding out that this white thoroughbred stallion we were working with was somehow deathly afraid of umbrellas.  Since I was shooting with a very stripped-down portable set, I had umbrellas on my lights.  This made the shots in the stable pretty lively.


As I couldn’t get the umbrellas too close to the horse, the stable shots were particularly tricky.  There were some overhead incandescent and fluorescent lights, which gave an unflattering color temperature.  Ultimately, I found that I was able to have the model walk the horse towards the open door to the stable and use my flash (which was daylight balanced) for fill.  The background of the stable was mostly wood tones, which weren’t as adversely affected by the mixed available lights as the model’s skintone or the white horse would have been.


Model: Nicole Cooper

Hair + Makeup: Taryn Hart

Wardrobe: Eurofit and vintage Ann Taylor, courtesy Nobe Horse Gallery